Jack Daniels Kind of Day

The Magnum Music Group in UK, CDTB 142


1. Sloppy Drunk (Winter)

2. The Mistress (Strzelecki)

3. Careful With A Fool (King, Josea)

4. Shed So Many Tears (Anderson, Shuler)

5. Eternally (Winter)

6. Raining Teardrops (Winter)

7. Jack Daniels Kind Of Day (Linard)

8. Going Down Slow (Winter)

9. Stay By My Side (Ballard, Green)

10. We Go Back Quite A Ways (Foster, Rice)

11. Low Down Gal Of Mine (Winter)

12. Thirty-Two Twenty Blues (Winter)

13. Silvery Moon (Edwards/Madden)

14. I Had To Cry (Ames)

15. Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone (Winter)

16. Crazie Baby (Winter)