A Rock and Roll Collection

Col (SONY) B000025XW9 (Official)

Norman Ray - baritone saxophone

Karl Garin - trumpet

"Pine Top" Perkins, Dan Hartman (piano)

Randy Jo Hobbs (bass, vocals)

Tom Shannon, Jon Paris (bass)

Charles Calmese (electric bass)

Randy Z, Richard Hughes, Chuck Ruff, Willie "Big Eyes" Smith (drums)

Bobby Caldwell, "Uncle" John Turner (percussion)

Carrie Hossell, Peggy Bowers, Elsie Senter (background vocals)


CD 1:

1. Johnny B. Goode (live)

2. Good Morning Little School Girl (live)

3. I'll Drown In My Tears

4. When You Got A Good Friend

5. Be Careful With A Fool

6. Miss Ann

7. Hustled Down In Texas

8. Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo

9. Rock Me Baby

10. Rock & Roll

11. Baby, Whatca Want Me To Do (live)


CD 2:

1. Bony Moronie (live)

2. It's All Over Now (live)

3. T V Mama

4. Drinkin' Blues

5. Walking Thru The Park

6. I'm Not Sure

7. Guess I'll Go Away

8. Thirty Days

9. Come On In My Kitchen

10. Highway 61 Revisted (live)