Live at the Avalon Ballroom 69

13 May 1968 [date uncertain], Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco, CA

Quality: The sound quality is very good FM from low gen. off-air reel.


Nothing has been edited out or eq'd, but there were lots of dropouts - mostly in just one of the channels. Since this is basically a mono mix, the dropouts and levels changes could be almost entirely eliminated - either by pasting in from the good channel or with manual level adjustments in Pro Tools. The finished result is very clean sounding overall. This version is less cut up and better sound quality than the previous version seeded.


The date is uncertain because of the announcer comments at the end of the first set about 5 nights coming up of benefit shows with 5 bands a night. There is a poster for Santana playing at the Avalon from May 17-19, which would be the last 3 nights of that "5 day benefit" if the date of the 13th was correct but only 2 bands and no benefit are listed on the poster for the May 17-19 run. Some people think that this is from that May 17-19 run at the Avalon, but that comment about the benefit still messes things up, because there are Avalon posters with the typical 2 bands and no mention of any benefits all the way up to the end of November 1968. After Chet Helms "Family Dog" stopped booking shows at the Avalon another promoter, "Soundproof", put on more shows at The Avalon starting in January 1969. Jerry Abram's Headlights are mentioned also by the announcer, and they did do both the '68 Family Dog Avalon shows and the '69 Soundproof shows.


Based upon all of this information, I would put the probable date as being close to the end of Chet Helms run at the Avalon. The posters for weekly Friday thru Sunday shows stopped at the end of November, 1968. Soundproof took over in January '69, so I would speculate that this show here is really from December, 1968. That would be when benefits to keep Chet Helms going at The Avalon would have been probable. The announcer doesn't say that the benefit shows would be for any other cause, and the regular scheduled weekend shows apparently had ended, so there might have been time for a 5 day wednesday thru Sunday benefit before the Family Dog completely stopped doing shows at the Avalon...


So I am listing this as 5-13-68 [date uncertain - might actually be from December, 1968]

But I'm sure you will enjoy this however you decide to label it!


Carlos Santana: Guitar, Percussion, Vocals

Marcus Malone: Percussion

David Brown: Bass

Gregg Rolie: Keyboards, Vocals

Bob "Doc" Livingston: Drums

CD 1: 1st set  (47:04)

01 Waiting  (8:21)

02 Treat  (10:22)

03 Evil Ways  (8:45)

04 Shades of Time  (3:40)

05 > Savor  (5:03)

06 > Jingo  (10:19)

07 announcer & crowd noise  (0:41)


CD 2: 2nd set  (40:29)

01 announcer intro & crowd noise  (0:10)

02 Persuasion  (3:47)

03 Soul Sacrifice  (3:31)

04 > drums  (11:36)

05 > Soul Sacrifice  (20:44)

06 talk: "Don't Go No Further..." & crowd noise  (0:38)