Blues Jam at Antone’s

26 May 84, Antone's, Austin, TX

with Lou Ann Barton, the Fabulous Thunderbirds, and Buddy Guy

Quality:  audience vg –

Comment: Great Blues Jam


CD 1:   Total Time. 37:58

1. Jam (cut in) (3:25)

2. Killing Floor Jam (3:30)

3. Every Day I Have The Blues Announce 'Taking a Short Break' (6:56)
Outtro with 'Mary'-like shuffle Stevie hollers 'Mr. Buddy Guy (Cut to next set) (12:35)

4. Straight Shuffle Instrumental blues jam (6:35)

5. Blues jam after 4 minutes of jamming, Lou Ann Barton sings vocals (song unknown) (11:51)


CD 2:   Total Time. 44:16

1. Blues Shuffle (title unknown, Kim Wilson vocals and harp) (7:39)

2. Last Night (I lost the Best Friend I ever Had) Song starts with Kim Wilson on vocals, then (6:35) Buddy Guy takes over the mike and leads a slow blues jam (18:27)

3. Let Me Love You Baby (Kim Wilson on vocals) (5:58)

4. Muddy's Mannish Boy Blues (8:12)

5. Jump Blues Tune (3:57)