Here Come The Nice [BOX SET]

The Immadiate Anthology

Castle (EDEL) B00004Z1E7 (official)


CD 3:

1. America (Live Newcastle 68)

2. Rondo (Live Newcastle 68)

3. The thoughts of Emerlist Davjack (Long Version)

4. Flower king of flies (Alternative Version)

5. Bonnie K (Alternative Version)

6. America (Alternative Stereo Version)

7. Dawn (Alternative Version)

8. Tantalising Maggie (Alternative Version)

9. The cry of Eugene (Alternative Version)

10.   Daddy where did I come from (Alternative Version)

11.   Brandenburger (Demo Version)

12.   Pathetique symphony 4th (Live Fairfields Hall 69)

13.   Lt Kije (The Troika) / Rondo (Live Fairfields Hall 69)