Amsterdam 2005

15 April 2005, City Hall, Newcastle, UK

Quality: excellent audience recording; Really great sound quality


Very good version of Back to Tupelo which hasen't been played often in the tour until this concert. Nice thing just before Song for Sonny Liston; Mark is taking a drink that has been brought to him. Someone in the audience shouts "Heineken beer!" Mark replies: "Who said Heineken? I love Holland, but uh.. it smells like...That's Brittish tea." Very funny moment. Strange to see that the concert was closed with our Shangri-La, where usually Wild Theme is the closing song. Complete concert.

Mark makes some mistakes in the lyrics now and then and Richard makes a mistake during Brothers In Arms. This is what Guy said when I asked him about it: "That was Richards 12 string guitar being capo'd on the wrong fret!! A rare mistake made by Tim Myer his guitar tech."


1. Why Aye Man
2. Walk Of Life
3. What It Is
4. Sailing To Phildelphia
5. Romeo & Juliet
6. Sultans Of Swing
7. Done With Bonaparte
8. Song For Sonny Liston
9. Back To Tupelo
10. Rudiger

1. Boom, Like That
2. Speedway At Nazareth
3. Telegraph Road
4. Brothers In Arms
5. Money For Nothing
6. So Far Away
7. Our Shangri-La