Woodstock Vol 2

16 - 18 Aug 69, Woodstock Pop Festival

Double LP, Artlantic 60 002


A-1: Jimi Hendrix: Jam back at the House

A-2: Jimi Hendrix: Izabella

A-3: Jimi Hendrix: Get my Heart back together


B-1: Jefferson Airplane: Saturday Afternoon / Won’t you try

B-2: Jefferson Airplane: Eskimo Blues Day

B-3: The Butterfield Blues Band: Everything’s gonna be alright


C-1: Joan Baez: Sweet Sir Galahad

C-2: Crosby, Still Nash & Young: Guinnevere

C-3: Crosby, Still Nash & Young: 4 + 20

C-4: Crosby, Still Nash & Young: Marrakseh Express

C-5: Melanie: My beautiful People

C-6: Melanie: Birthday of the Sun


D-1: Mountain: Blood of the Sun

D-2: Mountain: Theme for an imaginary Western

D-3: Canned Heat: Woodstock Boogie

D-4: Audience during Sunday Rainstorm: Let the Sunshine in