Live at Newoport Jazz Festival 69

6 July 1969 Newport Jazz Festival, Newport


CD 1

BB King & Johnny Winter

6 July 1969, Newport Jazz Festival


Comment: The performances of the two artists of this show really could not be seperated. The announcements during and between sets connect them as one event, so they are presented together. BB King performs first, then Johnny Winter, and then BB King JOINS Johnny Winter for a jam session that has to be heard to be believed. To say they go a little crazy together is an understatement. The recording quality of the BB King starts off a bit better than the previously posted Led Zeppelin. It then takes another major leap forward just before Johnny Winter hits the stage.


BB King (33:52)

1.      Every Day I Have The Blues

2.      How Blue Can You Get

3.      Whole Lot Of Lovin'

4.      I've Got A Good Mind To Give Up Living

5.      What's Wrong Little Mama

6.      Please Accept My Love (Instrumental)

7.      Band Introductions

8.      Why I Sing The Blues


Johnny Winter (38:22)

9.      Leland Mississippi Blues

10.  Black Cat Bone

11.  Mean Town Blues

12.  It's My Own Fault



CD 2

BB King with Johnny Winter (26:59)

1.      Every Day I Have The Blues Jam

2.      I've Been Mistreated Jam.



Led Zeppelin

6 July 1969, Newport Jazz Festival

Total Time: 55 minutes

Quality: 2nd gen AUD reel-to-reel tape

Comment: There are three known recorders of the Led Zeppelin set, and this is the best rendition of the best recording of this show. It isn't the longest recording, but it is the best, and yes, it does blow the previous version back to 1969.


1.      Train Kept A' Rollin'

2.      I Can't Quit You Baby

3.      Conversation

4.      Dazed And Confused

5.      You Shook Me

6.      How Many More Times

7.      Communication Breakdown (end cut)