Anthology of British Blues Vol 2

Immediate IMAL05/06: Double LP (official)


A-1 Telephone Blues - John Mayall Bluesbreakers

A-2 You Don‘t Love me  - Tony McPhee

A-3 West Coast Idea  - Eric Clapton

A-4 Ain‘t Seen no Whisky - Jo-Ann Kelly

A-5 FlapJacks - Stones Masony

A-6 Gold blooded Woman  - Savoy Brown Blues Band


B-1 Water on My fire - Albert Lee (Vocals Paul Williams)

B-2 Keep your hands out of my pockets - Jo-Ann Kelly

B-3 Alabama Woman  - Dave Kelly

B-4 Crosstown Link  - Albert Lee

B-5 All Night long  - Dave Kelly

B-6 Down and Dirty - Simon and Steve


C-1 On Top of The World  - John Mayall Bluesbreakers

C-2 Some one to Love Me - Tony McPhee

C-3 Can‘t Quite you Baby -  Savoy Brown Blues Band

C-4 Draggin my tail -  Eric Clapton with Jimmy Page

C-5 Dealin‘ with the Devil - Dharma Blues Band

C-6 Who‘s Knocking  - Jeremy Spencer


D-1 Miles Road - Eric Clapton with Jimmy Page

D-2 Porcupine Juice  - Santa Barbara Machine Head

D-3 Albert -  Santa Barbara Machine Head

D-4 Rubber Monkey - Santa Barbara Machine Head

D-5 Howlin‘  -  Stuff Smith