Strait to the Point

26 August 1991, The Point Depot, Dublin, Ireland

QUALITY: great audience recording


One of the first concerts of the On Every Street world tour in Dublin 1991. Interesting because of the rarely performed songs like I Think I Love You Too Much, Setting Me Up and Why Worry. Very good sound, a must to have.


CD 1:

1. Calling Elvis
2. Walk of life
3. Romeo and Juliet
4. Heavy fuel
5. Planet of New Orleans
6. Private investigations
7. Sultans of swing
8. Your latest trick


CD 2:

1. On every street
2. I think I love you too much
3. Two young lovers
4. Telegraph road
5. Setting me up
6. Money for nothing
7. Brothers in arms
8. Why worry
9. Tunnel of love [A]


[A] The Point Depot, Dublin, Ireland, 27th August 1991.