Hammersmith 20 Dec 85

20 December 1985 Hammersmith Odeon London, England

Quality: very good - Aud


Pretty nice sounding recording from one of the last concerts of 1985. Great show featuring two guest players; Nils Lofgren and Hank B. Marvin. Just before Going home, Mark Knopfler tells the audience how much he admires Hank Marvin and Alan plays a Christmas tune during Going home. Mark says: "Bobby, this is for your birthday." and then the band plays Happy Birthday. I have no idea who this Bobby is, but it's very nice to hear.


Disc 1:

1. Ride across the river
2. Expresso love
3. One world
4. Romeo and Juliet
5. Private investigations
6. Sultans of swing
7. Dallas rag
8. Why worry
9. Walk of life

Disc 2:

1. Two young lovers [A]
2. Money for nothing
3. Wild west end
4. Tunnel of love
5. Brothers in arms
6. Solid rock [A]
7. Mark Knopfler speaking to the audience
8. Going home [B]


[A] guest player Nils Lofgren
[B] guest player
Hank B. Marvin