Live in San Bernadino 72

28. January 1972, Swing Auditorium, San Bernardino, CA

QUALITY: excellent audio


The first part of this evening was Uriah Heep. Uriah Heep were trying to outplay Deep Purple. Let's just say that Deep Purple tried to strike back. This is a *very* high energy show, with the early 1972 setlist:

The version of Space Truckin' is pre-"Machine Head" by several months. It's very much shortened and closer to the LP version. Instead of an extended version of that song, we are treated to a jam of the instrumental portion of "Mandrake Root", where Purple succeed in bringing the house down.

Unfortunately the tape cuts at about 17 minutes into the instrumental. After extensive combing through the tapes, I am unable to find any more of this show. It has to be considered lost or untaped. More than likely this jam went into "Lucille", which ended the night.


1.   Blues Tuneups

2.  Speed King

3.  Strange Kind Of Woman

4.  Child In Time

5.  The Mule (with drum solo)

6.  Space Truckin'

7.  Mandrake Root Instrumental Portion (cut)