Good News Vol 3

LP: Syndicate Chapter S.C. 002


A-1: Trouble no more              Walter Horton hrm, Jimmy Rogers gtr, Otis Spann pno, Willie Dixon bs, Francey Clay dms

A-2: Don’t go no further          same as A-1

A-3: Diamonds at your Feet     same as A-1

A-4: Evil                                  James Cotton hrm, Marcus Johnson tnr, Pat Hare gtr, W. Dixon, F. Clay

A-5: All aboard                       Little Walter & James Cotton hrm, Jimmy Rogers, W. Dixon, F. Clay

A-6: I love the Life i live          James Cotton, Jimmy Rogers, Otis Spann, W. Dixon, F. Clay

A-7: Rock me                         same as A-6


B-1: Mean Mistreater        James Cotton, Pat Hare, Otis Spann, Andrew Stephan bs, F. Clay

B-2: Recipe for Love         same as B-1

B-3: Good News               James Cotton, Marcus Johnson, Pat Hare, Otis Spann, F. Clay

B-4: Come home Baby      same as B-3

B-5: I won’t go on             James Cotton, Pat Hare, Otis Spann, W. Dixon, F. Clay

B-6: She’s got it                same as B-5

B-7: Close to you              same as B-5