Old Times / New Times

Double LP: Barclays 920-332/333


LP 1:    with Roosevelt Sykes

A-1: Introducing (0:38)

A-2: Mr Sykes Blues (4:23)

A-3: Roosevelt Sykes meets Memphis Slim in Memphis (1:16)

A-4: Eagle Rock (4:22)

A-5: Down on Beale Street, The Midway (0:53)

A-6: Miss Ida Bee (4:22)

A-7: Talking about Miss Ida Bee (1:03)

A-8: Going down Slow (3:58)

A-9: Going to Chicago Bootleging and other Things (2:30)

A-10: M and S Boogie instrumental (3:16)


B-1: Talking about the 44 Blues (0:45)

B-2: 44 Blues (2:56)

B-3: Improvising New Blues (1:24)

B-4: Soft and Mellow (1:36)

B-5: Introducing the Churning Man (0:06)

B-6: The Churning Man (2:26)

B-7: The Life and the Piano Player in the South during the late Thirties (2:33)

B-8: 47 TH. Street Boogie (2:04)

B-9: Chicago Ė the Life in the Clubs Walter Davis (4:46)

B-10: MNO Blues (3:36)

B-11: K.M.A Hoboing and freight Trains (1:46)

B-12: Roosevelt Daddys Blues (2:03)


LP 2:

with Buddy Guy: gtr

Junior Wells: harm

Philpi Guy: gtr

Ernst Johnson: bs

Roosevelt Shaw: dms

A.C. Reed, Jimmy Conley: sax

A-1: When Buddy comes to Town (6:29)

A-2: How long Blues (2:36)

A-3: Good Time Charlie (3:09)

A-4: You called me at last (1:31)

A-5: Ainít nothing but a Texas Boogie on an Harpsichord (1:55)


B-1: Youíre the One (3:22)

B-2: No (5:32)

B-3: Help me some (4:10)

B-4: Rolling and Tumbling (6:00)

B-5: Ainít nothing but a New Orleans Boogie on that same Harpischord (0:50)