Live in Woodlands

1995, Woodlands TX

appearences by Lonnie Brooks, Junior Wells, Eric Johnson (gtr), Gregg Allman, Koko Taylor, Buddy Guy

Quality: excellent Soundboard               Total Time: 54:19


1. Let the good Times roll (2:55)                    with Leon Warm (guitar)

2. Caledonia (4:33)                                        with Malvon Jackson, Walter King (sax)

3. Playin’ with my Friends (4:39)                    with Mikael Dorstep (Bass)

4. Band Solos (5:55)

5. Moving out of my Neighborhood à How blue can you get (15:39)

6. The Thrill is gone (7:48

7. Intro of the Guests (3:30)

8. Every Day I have the Blues (9:15)              Jam with all guests