This Is Buddy Guy

LP: Vangard / King Sr-294 (1969)

Recorded Live at New Orleans House, Berkeley, California


Buddy Guy: Guitar, Vocals

Geroge Alexander: Trumpet

Wayne Bennett: Guitar

Aaron Corthern: Saxophone

Leslie Crawford: Saxophone

Boddy Field: Saxophone

Phil Guy: Guitar

Donald Hankins: Saxophone

Ernest Johnson: Bass

Time Kaihatsu: Guitar, Guitar (Rhythm)

Jesse Lewis: Drums

Glenway McTeer: Drums

Jack Meyers: Bass

A.C. Reed: Saxophone

Otis Spann: Piano

Norman Spiller: Trumpet

Lonnie Taylor: Drums


A-1: I Got My Eyes On You

A-2: The Things I Used To Do

A-3: (You Give Me) Fever

A-4: Knock On Wood


B-1: Had A Dream Last Night

B-2: 24 Hours Of The Day

B-3: You Were Wrong

B-4: I'm Not The Best