The Montreux Blues Festival

LP: Barclay XBLY 920 439

Live at the Montreux Blues Festival, 1 July 1973

With Mickey Maker, Willie Mabon, Memphis Slim, Clarence Gatemouth Brown


A-1: Diggin my Potatoes (3:54)             Mickey Baker

A-2: Harmonica Swing (4:20)               Willie Mabon

A-3: Everyday I have the Blues (4:12)   Memphis Slim

A-4: Cajun Blues (3:32)            Clarence Gatemouth Brown

A-5: Highball for Gate (1:45)     Clarence Gatemouth Brown


B-1: Wish me well (3:35)                       Memphis Slim

B-2: Make your Bed up Mama (4:18)    Mickey Baker

B-3: Sad Feeling (5:20)                         Willie Mabon

B-4: Mabon’s Soul (4:37)                     Willie Mabon

B-5: Got my Mojo Working (4:52)        Clarence ‚Gatemouth‘ Brown