The Bluesmen of Muddy Waters Chicago Band

LP: Spivey Records LP 1008


Otis Spann: piano

George Smith: vocal, harm

Samuel Lawhorn, Main Stream, Luther Johnson: guitar

Francis Clay: drums


A-1: Chicago Slide (1:45)

A-2: Creepin' snake (3:47)

A-3: Look out Victoria (2:45)

A-4: You done lost your good thing now (3:50)

A-5: Take Webster's word for it (5:45)

A-6: Theme (1:15)


B-1: Ain't nobody's business what I do (5:25)

B-2: Born in Georgia (2:00)

B-3: Trouble hurts (2:45)

B-4: Watermelon Man (4.15)

B-5: Old ugly man like me (3:10)

B-6: Gave it all to me (5:05)