American Folk Blues Festival 72

Double LP: Atlantic 60036

16th March at Lünen and 26th October 1972 at München


A-1.  I'm Gettin' Ready (2:56) - Bukka White guitar & vocal

A-2.  World Boogie (1:24) - Bukka White

A-3.  Aberdeen Blues (2:27) - Bukka White

A-4.  My Baby Is Gone (2:20) - Big Joe Williams guitar & vocal

A-5.  My Boots & Shoes (2:00) - Big Joe Williams

A-6.  Louise (1:28) - Big Joe Williams

A-7.  Look Here Woman (3:51) - Robert Pete Williams guitar & vocal


B-1.  Driving Wheel  (2:50) - Roosevelt Sykes piano & vocal

B-2.  Sweet Home Chicago (2:10) - Roosevelt Sykes

B-3.  Boot That Thing (2:00) - Roosevelt Sykes

B-4. Baby Please Come Home (1:45) - Memphis Slim piano & vocal, Michel Denis drums

B-5. Lonesome Traveller (3:33) - Memphis Slim,  Michel Denis

B-6. Boogin' And Bluesin' (3:00) - Memphis Slim,  Michel Denis

B-7. Instrumental Boogie (3:28) - Johnny Young mandoline, W.D.Kent bass, Billy Davenport drums


C-1. Tell Me Baby (4:54) - Big Mama Thornton harm & vocal with the Blues Band: T-Bone Walker piano, Paul Lenart guitar, Erward Taylor tenor sax, Phillip Morrison bass, Hartley Severns tenor, bariton, sopran sax, viloine, Vinton Johnson drums

C-2. Ball In (!) Chain (5:51) - Big Mama Thornton with the Blues Band

C-3. Shake It Baby (5:21) - T-Bone Walker piano & vocal with the Blues Band

C-4. Goin' Back To Church (4:25) - T-Bone Walker with the Blues Band


D-1.  Chicago Bound (3:10) - Jimmy Rogers guitar & vocal, Whispering Smith harm, W.D. Kent bass, Billy Daveport drums

D-2.  Tricky Woman (3.23) - Jimmy Rogers,  Whispering Smith, W.D. Kent, Billy Daveport

D-3.  Winter Time Blues (3:36) - Lightnin' Slim guitar & vocal, Whispering Smith

D-4.  Don't Ever Leave Me (5:03) - Jimmy Dawkins Chicago Blues Band: Jimmy Dawkins guitar, Big Vioce Odem vocal, Jesse Williams guitar, W.D. Kent, Billy Daveport, Roosevelt Sykes

D-5.  Got My Mojo Workin'  (4.23) - Jimmy Dawkins Chicago Blues Band