American Folk Blues Festival: Jam Session 1964

16 November 1964, Jazz House, Wiesbaden, Germany


feat. Howlin' Wolf, Sunnyland Slim, Willie Dixon, Hubert Sumlin, Clifton James


CD 1

01. Announcement->Sunnyland Slim: It's You Baby

02. Sunnyland Slim: Everytime I Get To Drinkin'

03. Sunnyland Slim: Bassology

04. Sunnyland Slim: One Room Country Shack

05. Sunnyland Slim: Come On Home, Baby

06. Sunnyland Slim: Goin' To California

07. Announcement->Howlin' Wolf: Shake It For Me

08. Howlin' Wolf: May I Have A Talk With You

09. Howlin' Wolf: Dust My Broom (w. hca)

10. Willie Dixon Announcement

11. Willie Dixon: God's Gift To Man

12. Willie Dixon: Big Legged Woman

13. Willie Dixon Announcement        -> Sunnyland Slim: Train I Ride (Love My Baby)

14. Sunnyland Slim: I'm Torn Up (incomplete)


CD 2

01. Sunnyland Slim Announcement->See See Rider

02. Willie Dixon: Nervous

03. Willie Dixon: My Babe

04. Willie Dixon Announcement of Howlin' Wolf

05. Howlin' Wolf: 300 Pounds of Joy

06. Howlin' Wolf: I Didn't Mean To Hurt Your feelings

07. Howlin' Wolf: I Asked For Water

08. Willie Dixon & Sunnyland Slim: C-Jam Blues

09. Sunnyland Slim: I Done You Wrong

10. Sunnyland Slim: Tin Pan Alley

11. Sunnyland Slim: Theme Song

12. Sunnyland Slim announcement of Howlin' Wolf  -> Howlin' Wolf: For My Darling

13. Howlin' Wolf: How Many More Years (w. hca)


"This time, a contingent from Chicago was chosen, with Howlin' Wolf at the helm. The Chess recording star had brought along his guitarist Hubert Sumlin. The rhythm section consisted of Sunnyland Slim, Willie Dixon and Clifton James. A highly respectable and dependable line-up that fit together very well, as proven by the official studio and live recordings done during this tour, as well as unofficial live recordings circulating among collectors.


The appearance at the Jazz House in Wiesbaden was also captured privately on tape. The date was Monday, Nov. 16th, 1964. The influence of various alcoholic beverages can be noticed on the pictures, as well as on the recordings. An apparently highly revved-up Howlin' Wolf took the rather small house p.a. system to an endurance test, which made the proprietor kind of nervous: "I thought he was about to eat up my microphones." The man operating the tape recorder had no chance of following Wolf's outbursts of sound. On the whole, however, the audience witnessed a varied and musically successful evening with interesting contributions by Sunnyland Slim and Willie Dixon."