The Hamburg Session

LP: Happy Bird 5011 (transferred to CD)

With Champion Jack Dupree

Rainer Baumann: gtr

Achim Reichel: gtr

Guggy Mrocek: gtr

Steffi Stephan: Bs

Ringo Funk: drm

Jean Jaccque Kravetz: drm

Stefan Wulff: mouth organ


A-1: Woodpecker (4:05)

A-2: Jumping in the wood (3:06)

A-3: Big Birtha’s House (3:36)

A-4: Cold cold Winter (5:52)

A-5: Creole Kids Dance (4:06)


B-1: Who threw the Gin in the World

B-2: Kick Allee (4:43)

B-3: Florida Diary (4:05)

B-4: I’m goin‘ Home (4:19)

B-5: I’m gonna hang up my dancing Shoes (3:28)