Electric Blues Chicago Style Vol 2

LP: Goody GY 10.002


Luther Allison: guitar

Robert 'Big Mojo‘ Elem: bass

Jim Conley: tenor sax

Jimmy Dawkins: guitar

Bob Richley, Bobby Davis: drums


A-1: Why I love the Blues (4:00)

A-2: Little Red Rooster (4:23)

A-3: 4:00 in the Morning (3:11)

A-4: Five long Years (4:15)

A-5: Dust my Bedroom (3:33)


B-1: Love me Mama (3:54)

B-2: The Skies is Crying (5:32)

B-3: You gotta help me (3:45)

B-4: You done lost your good Thing now (3:33)

B-5: Bloomington Closer (5:13)